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Taking TV innovation from operator speed to web speed

New approaches to development can bring TV innovation from operator speed to web speed with the right systems integration An eBook by Ben Schwarz with additional writing from Philip Hunter Agility and “web speed” have become rallying calls for pay TV operators in the multiscreen era where the rate at which services must evolve and


LTE Broadcast part 4/5: Mobile broadcast comes of age at last with Verizon Super Bowl demo

A major milestone in the checkered history of mobile broadcast has been reached with a demonstration at the US Super Bowl, one of the country’s biggest and most iconic sporting events. For years mobile broadcast has stuttered, let down by poor business models, the cost of infrastructure and lack of support on consumer devices. While


Has the French Telco Market derailed, again?

2013 Closes Withe A Looming Mobile Price War Casting A Shadow Over Whole French Telecom Sector

IP&TV World Forum 2012 preview

Companies, people, event I will be seeing (or wish I was) in London March 20-22 2012.

Have we finally reached the inexorable end unlimited data plans? Amdocs thinks we have.

As the frontier between mobile & fixed-line broadband gets fuzzier all the time, we may have reached the end of the road from unlimited data plans. Well at least Amdocs thinks so. Latest iPhone4 Plans may say otherwise …

Could France, the birthplace of mass IPTV adoption, also be its resting place?

The IPTV part of triple or quad play packages has failed to be the killer-app. Might it – god-forbid- be killed off then?

Cord cutting may be a real phenomenon, but French VoD shows why maybe it’ll be slow

Exploring the parallel between IPTV VoD’s relative success in the past 8 years, and the prospects of cord cutting

Does the 3D emperor have any clothes on?

3D will probably only impact the industry in small dimensions, and not for a while