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My 10 does-the-emperor-have-any-clothes-on questions for IBC17

To get the most out of my annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam, I’ve sat down and had think about the big questions I don’t believe we have answers on in late 2017. I came up with 10, which only represent what I’ve been working on not necessarily the complete picture. Clearly we need to take ourselves


Continuing broadband boom heralds arrival of the home gateway at last

The home gateway has been talked about for long enough, but how many have actually been installed so far? Not a lot, and meanwhile its future appears to have been imperilled by the spectre of cloud services offering a safe and cheap place of unlimited capacity to store all that music and all those home


UAE incumbent goes OTT – IP&TV World Forum MENA report – Part 1/2 – Etisalat

General impressions of the IP&TV World Forum in Dubai – Part 1 of 2. Special focus on Etisalat’s new OTT offering.

Intel’s reported exit from connected TVs: long live STBs

Thanks Intel for helping me make up my mind on wether there will be boxes under my TV in few years. The answer is YES. At last I know what to look for when I go and buy my next TV.

My plans for IP&TV World Forum 2011

What I am looking to get out of this year’s IP&TV World Forum

New horizons for CAS and DRM companies beyond security.

Speaking with Verimatrix’ Steve Christian, opened new horizons for what security vendor’s business might be in the future. It may well end up quite far from security …

Hype-ometer: Comparing lack of rate adaptive buzz with 3D buzz

Rate-adaptive technologies occupy very little media space but will radically transform the Internet and broadcasting industries.

3D on the other hand is yet again making all the headlines (yes is has done several times over the decades), but I’m convinced this new surge of interest will barely be remembered as just another blip on the radar, a few years from now.

STBs: from CAPEX to Cash-in

Talking to French company Awox about how DLNA enables OTT to transform STB business models for operators from cash drains to cash cows