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Day 1 of Big Data In Focus: so where is it on the hype cycle?

I came to TMForum’s Big Data In Focus Summit in Amsterdam today expecting one of two things: either that hype would still be the main driver behind this market, or that we’d finally moved forward and fallen into the trough of disillusionment. For Rob Rich, TMForum’s Managing Director of Research, it’s clearly the latter, which


IBC 2013, impressions of a 4K OTT show

Although OTT has been an IBC topic for a few years, we actually saw a plethora of end-to-end platforms that actually worked, often purely in the cloud. The range of supplier was impressive from Israeli start-ups like Vidmind to multinationals like Siemens or the pioneer Kit digital, now reprendre Piksel. There was also much more


My pre @IBCShow 2013 hot topics

Here’s my take on what the hot topics of the IBC 2013 tradefloor – before the show:
Safe bets: 4K/UHD – HEVC – OTT (DASH Etc.) – Big Data
Outsiders: Dongles – IPTV rebirth – Targeting ads – Offloading – 4G & Fiber

9 new trends to help my visit the TV Connect 2013 show floor

Many of us whinged and whined about the name change from IPTV World Forum to IP&TV World Forum because the names were too difficult to tell apart (if you are still looking, it was the adding of the ‘&’ in IP&TV). By naming the event TV Connect the organizers have now moved away far enough


The Big Data emperor will need Big Change within companies, that is if he has any clothes on. Summit report Part III

There was a great turnout to TM Forum’s inaugural event on Big Data in January. It was small enough to enable proper networking, but the packed room made it feels like this something more than just hype or buzz is happening around Big Data. Some of the clear benefits Big Data brings at once A


Getting The Full Download On DataOffload: Pre-MWC13 Exclusive With Birdstep Technology

In the run-up to MCW 2013, we interviewed Lonnie Schilling, newly appointed CEO of Swedish software company Birdstep Technology, that provides smart mobile connectivity and security solutions. CTOIC: What do you see as the key theme for MWC in 2013? Lonnie: Well as in previous years, there are going to be many themes in 2013, but a


Part II of The Big Data Summit organized by TM Forum in Amsterdam: the demos.

Feedback from talking to Guavus and Esri during the TM Forum Big Data conference in Amsterdam in January 2013.
It’s always a delicate balancing act to ride a hype wave like this Big Data Tsunami. You need to be seen to have been doing it for ages, but then again you also have to acknowledge its novelty otherwise you can’t join in on the orgy of industry news.

Part I of III: TM Forum’s chief Strategy officer on Big Data

Interview with a satisfied Nik Willetts, TM Forum’s Chief Strategy Officer during their all-new Big Data event held in January in Amsterdam.
With over 150 delegated this inaugural event was a succes. The interview covers TM Forum’s view on the importance of Big Data for service providers.