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Catching Up with Live OTT TV in a Changing Landscape

OTT live streaming, especially premium sports, will be the fastest growing sector in pay TV over the next two years Quality of experience with ease of use must be delivered cost-effectively and securely for success in live OTT A flexible ecosystem allowing best of breed components to be deployed provides the best hope of meeting


Early release windows; are we ready, or is it already too late?

Discussing Verimatrix new Streamark product and how it might help bring about earlier release windows.

Contrasted feelings, unpacking my Apple TV II

Apple’s new Apple TV II exacerbates the love/hate relationship we have with the firm. Brilliant but scary product.

Cord cutting may be a real phenomenon, but French VoD shows why maybe it’ll be slow

Exploring the parallel between IPTV VoD’s relative success in the past 8 years, and the prospects of cord cutting