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2020 lookout for value added services

According to Oliver Johnson, CEO of Point Topic, Consumer Value Added Services (VAS) Revenues are to Triple to $420 Billion in 2020. Wow! Tripling in 10 years is a compound annual growth rate of about 14%. Johnson used the following graphic during a presentation at CommunicAsia 2012 earlier this week:  Source Point Topic (CommunicAsia 2012)


IP&TV World Forum 2012 preview

Companies, people, event I will be seeing (or wish I was) in London March 20-22 2012.

Summing the IP&TV World Forum 2011 up with two letters: O & T, then looking at it from three angles: content, technology & operators.

The main IPTV event in London was totally focussed on OTT this year.

My plans for IP&TV World Forum 2011

What I am looking to get out of this year’s IP&TV World Forum

Could France, the birthplace of mass IPTV adoption, also be its resting place?

The IPTV part of triple or quad play packages has failed to be the killer-app. Might it – god-forbid- be killed off then?

STBs: from CAPEX to Cash-in

Talking to French company Awox about how DLNA enables OTT to transform STB business models for operators from cash drains to cash cows

IPTV World Forum reports on Videonet

IPTV World Forum 2010 blogs on Great attendance, decent booths.
Canvas is boring, from the dozens of companies I saw 5 stood out Netgem, Echostar, BeeSmart, Intel & Amino.