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AI, a new battleground for home entertainment

What goes around in the technology sphere sometimes comes around many times before it finally works and delivers value to consumers or enterprises. That is certainly true for the related fields of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning and voice processing. These all seem to be coming together now over 60 years after they were first proposed around 1954 by the US government as vital tools in the Cold War against the old Soviet Union. The ambition then was to translate and interpret Soviet technical documents and scientific reports almost instantly by exploiting the ground-breaking work on grammar by linguist Noam Chomsky. Despite huge investment from the US this failed abysmally because although these early systems could cope to some extent with grammar, machines could not get to grips with context or metaphor and rendered "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."  as "the vodka is good but the meat is rotten” after translation from English to Russian and back again.
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Service Providers and the Smart Home

In the last decade, Pay-TV operators have added telecoms services to their portfolio just as Telcos have added content services to theirs, creating competitive multi-play markets throughout the world. This White Paper explains how the Smart Home can become a new differentiating service for operators to stay competitive. It explains what the Smart Home actually is for the end user and divides the potential markets it can serve into four clear segments. After determining what the drivers will be for this new emerging market it explains in detail what role services providers can play in it.