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Day 1 of Big Data In Focus: so where is it on the hype cycle?

I came to TMForum’s Big Data In Focus Summit in Amsterdam today expecting one of two things: either that hype would still be the main driver behind this market, or that we’d finally moved forward and fallen into the trough of disillusionment. For Rob Rich, TMForum’s Managing Director of Research, it’s clearly the latter, which


The Big Data emperor will need Big Change within companies, that is if he has any clothes on. Summit report Part III

There was a great turnout to TM Forum’s inaugural event on Big Data in January. It was small enough to enable proper networking, but the packed room made it feels like this something more than just hype or buzz is happening around Big Data. Some of the clear benefits Big Data brings at once A


Part I of III: TM Forum’s chief Strategy officer on Big Data

Interview with a satisfied Nik Willetts, TM Forum’s Chief Strategy Officer during their all-new Big Data event held in January in Amsterdam.
With over 150 delegated this inaugural event was a succes. The interview covers TM Forum’s view on the importance of Big Data for service providers.