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Society and TV, back to square one with Social TV

Five steps to explain why the term “Social TV” isn’t stale yet. Delving a bit deeper into the bond between TV and Society.

Once the dust of Social TV hype settles, content recommendation will be changed forever.

An interesting discussion I recently had with Nicolas Bry on content the impact of social media on content recommendation. fist published on Videonet.

Social X 2010

Back from the Social TV 2010 conference this week in London.
Despite the hype, just like IPTV in 2005, social TV is real after all. Social media probably wont hit the big sitting room screen quite yet but their lots happening on the laptop, Smartphone and yes the iPad.

Social TV Forum 16/03/10 15:00

[lang_en]March 16th 2010 at Social Media Forum in London chairing panel on technical challenges of getting social media to the TV[/lang_en][lang_fr]Le 16 Mars à Londres, Conférence dédiée au médias sociaux (Mmm la traduction laisse à désirer). Table ronde sur les défis techniques pour amener ces médias jusqu’à la TV.[/lang_fr]