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No, UHD won’t go the way 3D went!

Last month IHS Media & Technology Digest published a report authored by Richard Cooper on UHD stating that it could be the next 3D if the industry doesn’t get its act together. I was an early critic of 3D arguing as early as 2009 that the 3D emperor didn’t have any clothes on. Hopefully that


Strategy seems so damned simple for Netflix, so why are OTT strategies so painful for everyone else?

Informa invited me to host an analyst breakfast briefing at 8AM this morning at the kick-off to TV Connect 2014. After my spectacular failure to draw a crowd two years ago with a talk on “the death of IPTV”, I believe I learnt from my marketing mistakes. Today’s talk was about something people wanted to


Have we finally reached the inexorable end unlimited data plans? Amdocs thinks we have.

As the frontier between mobile & fixed-line broadband gets fuzzier all the time, we may have reached the end of the road from unlimited data plans. Well at least Amdocs thinks so. Latest iPhone4 Plans may say otherwise …