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My pre @IBCShow 2013 hot topics

Here’s my take on what the hot topics of the IBC 2013 tradefloor – before the show:
Safe bets: 4K/UHD – HEVC – OTT (DASH Etc.) – Big Data
Outsiders: Dongles – IPTV rebirth – Targeting ads – Offloading – 4G & Fiber

What does the sale of Microsoft’s Media Room to Ericsson say about Redmond’s TV strategy?

Microsoft’s TV strategy has taken 20 years to mature – the wounded Redmond giant seems finally poised to really matter on the living room TV.

CDN 3.0 White Paper

CDNs have improved in leaps and bounds in the last decade. This white paper asks if mainstream suppliers are now struggling to deliver the next big improvement. We look into whether there could be a window of opportunity for network operators to get back into the game. Live OTT streaming is considered a great catalyst for this opportunity.We finish by looking into what the future of CDN’s might look like in the next few years.

IPTV is dead long live OTTIPTV

Yes I know I’ve said it before, but one day every one will!

IP&TV World Forum 2012 preview

Companies, people, event I will be seeing (or wish I was) in London March 20-22 2012.

Standards in the age of Connected TV

Speaking at Future TV conference in Copenhagen on standards. Come see what I have to say.

Could France, the birthplace of mass IPTV adoption, also be its resting place?

The IPTV part of triple or quad play packages has failed to be the killer-app. Might it – god-forbid- be killed off then?

Maybe not all cord cutting is so bad for the industry after all?

Comment on David Mercer’s blog post on euro cord cutting