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IP&TV World Forum 2012 preview

Companies, people, event I will be seeing (or wish I was) in London March 20-22 2012.

Five thoughts after chairing day one of the CDN World Summit in London this week.

Though 1 of 5: there’s a phoney war going on in the CDN space – bloodbath imminent. Click here for the rest.

Back from my first Anga

Impressions from a part of the industry I know less about.

Why I’m going to IPTV world forum – March 23rd 2010

Considering going? Here’s why I am.

Why Iid invest in TV monitoring if I were a banker

TV Monitoring has great prospects as the IP ecosystem matures.

French Public Broadcaster goes IQ

Is Ineoquest becoming the leader the Monitoring field has been waiting for?