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Google getting it right at last with Android TV

It may still be too early to be sure, but there are signs that with Android TV Google’s connected video strategy is at last starting to look joined up. There is not yet any killer blow in sight, which could only really come from the content angle, but evidence is mounting that Google now has


Disruptors are everywhere – do you see them?

Senior consultant Hugh Massam escaped from the energy sector after serving a 15-year sentence. Here he offers some thoughts post-IBC. ‘There is nought so powerful as a good idea whose time has come’. The question is, do you see the great ideas and disruptors that your competitors see? When we’re busy developing products, jumping into


Google still playing catch up with Android TV

In this first blog of our Android TV series, Philip Hunter looks at some of the reasons why Google doesn’t seem to have been third-time lucky with its new Foray into the sitting room. Android TV, Google’s heavily leaked third effort to crack the living room, arrived as expected at its annual Developer conference at


Google “don’t be evil” and Android-TV will be the biggest news of 2011

If Larry Page keeps the “don’t be evil” mantra going, this end of 2011 could see Android start to become to the TV what iOS was for the smartphone, the enabler of a genuine revolution in services, business models and usage.

Take one from the IBC 2010 conference

Notes from my first time @ IBC conference. Samsung impressed me, Google disappointed me.

Google TV off to a bad start

The Online a Pay TV industry does need search to navigate content & advertising to enable business models but pleeeeease Google, not Yet-Another-TV-Technology.