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Disruptors are everywhere – do you see them?

Senior consultant Hugh Massam escaped from the energy sector after serving a 15-year sentence. Here he offers some thoughts post-IBC. ‘There is nought so powerful as a good idea whose time has come’. The question is, do you see the great ideas and disruptors that your competitors see? When we’re busy developing products, jumping into


My pre @IBCShow 2013 hot topics

Here’s my take on what the hot topics of the IBC 2013 tradefloor – before the show:
Safe bets: 4K/UHD – HEVC – OTT (DASH Etc.) – Big Data
Outsiders: Dongles – IPTV rebirth – Targeting ads – Offloading – 4G & Fiber

Infographic on the death of TV

Nice infographic from ONLINECOLLEGES.COM It’s a bit US-centric, but then so is the whole chord-cutting debate. Good food for thought in any case.

Maybe not all cord cutting is so bad for the industry after all?

Comment on David Mercer’s blog post on euro cord cutting

Cord cutting may be a real phenomenon, but French VoD shows why maybe it’ll be slow

Exploring the parallel between IPTV VoD’s relative success in the past 8 years, and the prospects of cord cutting