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No, UHD won’t go the way 3D went!

Last month IHS Media & Technology Digest published a report authored by Richard Cooper on UHD stating that it could be the next 3D if the industry doesn’t get its act together. I was an early critic of 3D arguing as early as 2009 that the 3D emperor didn’t have any clothes on. Hopefully that


Seven simple reasons why UHD/4K in the living room makes sense, where 3D didn’t

It’s easy after the fact to say “I told you so”, but 3D never happened in the living room as we pointed out four years ago here. Looking at the world though the same prism, here are my seven bullet points summarizing why UHD/4K will happen. If you’re not sure what UHD/4K really is, see


IBC 2011 write up on Videonet

IBC 2011 part 1 Overall feeling, Harmonic & Panasonic 3D

My plans for IP&TV World Forum 2011

What I am looking to get out of this year’s IP&TV World Forum

Hype-ometer: Comparing lack of rate adaptive buzz with 3D buzz

Rate-adaptive technologies occupy very little media space but will radically transform the Internet and broadcasting industries.

3D on the other hand is yet again making all the headlines (yes is has done several times over the decades), but I’m convinced this new surge of interest will barely be remembered as just another blip on the radar, a few years from now.

Does the 3D emperor have any clothes on?

3D will probably only impact the industry in small dimensions, and not for a while