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Fifth generation mobile networks will be everywhere at MWC. Our blockchain industry can leverage 5G to help it take off, but blockchain will also be key to 5G’s long-term success. 4G was fast enough for many RIDDLE&CODE use cases so the massive improvement in bandwidth won’t change the game much for us. However, what I’m excited about is two other significant changes 5G brings. Machine identity it at the core of most of what we do, and reduced network latency, enables many difficult use cases where automobiles could securely exchange data when moving at speed. But 5G’s support of low energy radio will be a big short-term enabler. The higher density of connected devices will improve addressability, creating opportunities for new market places. Once infrastructure for more connected devices is here, we must manage the risk of it all going wrong. A device could send wrong data or impersonate another. DLT manages this risk by guaranteeing identity and giving access to shared verifiable data. The projects we’ve been working on with our clients and partners in for Smart Cities, Mobility, Logistics, Smart Energy and IoT will leverage the combined benefits of 5G and DLT. The natural fit between blockchain and 5G is why I’m excited to be going to Barcelona next week!